it's free CSS!

Sites I used for looking up
how to get the web page to Do Stuff:

MDN Web Docs ... W3 Schools ... HTML Dog

(They all have tutorials available for both HTML and CSS)

Feel free to use & edit the CSS and HTML code for this page as much as you like, for noncommercial purposes!

Credit is not necessary for noncommercial use of the CSS or HTML code.

The images on this page are openly licensed via CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.
This means that you may use and edit them for noncommercial purposes, with credit, and licensed under the same terms. ^_^

Here is the CSS!! I also tried to add some helpful notes in the code to make it more useable for beginners!

get the CSS for this page here :D

HTML here!

You can copy-paste this into an HTML document and, if you name your CSS document the same as I named mine, it should work!

The images won't work, though. They're named to pull from my neocities files. Replace the image titles with your own image urls!

< xmp>

Example text! This is where I put the code on the web page you just copied this from!

This is more example text to show that the xmp tag changes code to plain text yayyyy delete that space and this text to get the xmp tag to work tho